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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Brainy Notes.

So if the lower brain stem controls movement and proprioception, it pretty much has a controlling role in keeping the executive functions (frontal lobes) safe and alive.

Imagine our country and government without any way to mobilize itself, no military and no weapons, our options would shrink and therefore create more stress as we try to avoid the inevitable.

Now picture yourself at your prime, your movement box is huge as you have the ability to move fast and efficiently.

Then with the years and poor training methods injuries and wear and tear, the walls close in as your movement box decreases, now the lower stem controlling movement has fewer predictive options creating a partial Startle reaction that is constant, causing you to guard by protecting your vial organs, it does so by moving your bony parts forward and flexing your spine (hunching), this creates more tension and therefore less efficient movement in the options still available, in other words not only can't you move into certain positions you used to, the abilities you still have are now also diminished and declining rapidly.


This why it is crucial to find a professional who can guide you to reestablish energy and movement pathways, by focussing on your brain and nervous system shedding unwanted tension repositioning your spine creating better upright posture remodeling bones and connective tissues to increase mobility in the joints.

Now that lower brain stem has abundant options movement is strong and decisive allowing the frontal lobes to function at a higher level, we can escape or attack any given threat, imagined or real, if needed.

Stronger more fluid movement is possible with less or no pain, all that and greater mental acuity, who would not want that?


Live long and strong.



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