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Written by Karel Nunnink   



T'ai Chi the ancient form of movement enhances remodeling,( the rebuilding of soft tissues and bone) and it also deepens exploration that ability to embrace the unaccustomed, it does this by rewiring and remapping creating new neural networks in the frontal lobes of the brain (going where no man has gone before).


By seeking out and moving in certain circular energy pathways noticing and releasing tension, you can attain a state of relaxed alertness so now you can BOLT??If you had to, you see by moving slowly you can explosively move faster therefore survive far better for longer.


Suddenly now the realization hits you that any loss of movement is akin to slowly or sometimes rapidly imprisoning you in those fortified invisible walls of despair.

You have over time now built strengthened and fortified your own castle, are you now the ruler of your domain, or did that castle become your prison?

Reach out...come and reopen that last exit portal of hope.

Great movements strategies activate lost abilities to move again, and so with sureness of foot and a glide in your stride, we walk steadfast toward an ever changing horizon.


Come move with me.



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