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Written by Karel Nunnink   



Is like a falling leaf, drifting and twirling in the winds of fall.


And so wiser from letting go, then dealing with and adapting to some turbulent changes, we entered 2014


We knew the challenges ahead, especially the possibility of relocating, With a teenage daughter in a good public school system, we didn't want to leave the neighborhood. So time flew, really flew by as I proceeded to watch the widening of highway 4 every day on my way to Walnut Creek and Danville. Then the Tough Mudder, well everyone is entitled to moments of insanity. Now imagine Francel and I sitting in the stands of the homecoming high schools football game with my daughter Sarah cheering on dozens of screaming half crazed kids jumping in the stands wildly waving banners.

Well ok you expect it from kids, but not ADULTS, at the Cheer Competition Nationals in the Anaheim Convention Center, my eyeballs were poppin and eardrums bursten with the feverency of screaming purse tossing moms while trying to film Sarah in action. Shifting now to the Pacific Crest Trail Northern Cal, 3 days in the high Sierras with Brother Chris and his amazing Daughter Brit, almost 3/4 done on her 15000 mile journey.


This all seared....in our memories forever.

So with a new outlook on high school football and eyes wide open, 2014 looms ahead.

For what future adventures are waiting for us around the next bend.

Live long and strong, may you tackle all your fears.


Live long and strong.



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