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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Remodel yourself.


It started with that bamboo slalom gate, 3/4s  of the way down the course just as the steep lessened out somewhat leading to that final push trough the finish.

Carrying good speed from the steep I started looking for more, so I straightened my line... working momentum is exhilarating as the effort needed to maintain balance and guide this force felt like Time itself was caught in...a... slow...dream, then the tip caught the gate and was deflected to the outside, I felt the sudden  wrench and tug, heard the loud thapp as the bamboo gate returned to an upright position, my body kept moving forward and the knee twisted sharply to the right.

The ski did not release as I felt a short hard jab of pain, and I was floating now hands out before the bruising impact knocked the wind out of me, sliding now on my side toward the next flush( gates set in line to increase tempo).

The surface was fast and slick so all I could do was curl up on my side as I hit the combination of poles across my shins, most of the sting absorbed thanks to those shin protectors, the blow spun me around as I finally slid to a halt upside down. Exhale.... and again, slowly now moving my legs a dull ache in my right knee, ok... ok let's get up I said to myself, I wasn't ready though for the knifelike pain shooting trough my hand from planting it, and I fell back down gritting my teeth.

Lying there I gingerly removed my padded glove, and saw the odd angle of my thumb.

Carefully I slipped my glove back on with the thumb in the finger space.


I found out later that this type of thumb ligament tear is one of the most common injuries for a skier.


Results of this mistake... torn right medial meniscus, and a severe tear of the ligaments surrounding the right thumb.


This was one mistake of many, so now fast forward 40 years or so and these are the areas starting to shut down first because of improper rehab protocol and  goal setting.


So my range of movement started narrowing, moments of panic came and went as I started exploring new Neuro Biomechanics (nervous system and brain) remodeling and fringe training methods.


Doorways to greater more supple movement are opening, and I'm overjoyed and just want to shout it out.


Live long and strong






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