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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The list..of exercises

If you just pick three of these and do them every day, the results will amaze you, then you can mix and match them any number of ways. For example, do one every time you get a text from a certain person.

The List:

• Pushups

• Pullups

• Squats

• Lunges

• Isometrics (Think Bodybuilder Posing!)

• Get up and down out of your chair 5-10 times.

• Even better, get up and down off the floor 10 times.

• Even better(er) – get up and down off the floor 5 times without using your hands!

• Head rotations

• Head tilts

• Wrist Circles

• Air ABC’s with your hands and/or feet

• Ankle circles

• Jumping Jacks

• Big Eye Circles

• Eye Spirals

• Yes/No Exercise (Look at a fixed point & gently shake your head multiple times in a “yes” or ”no” direction)

• Low Back Rotations

• Mid-Back Flexion/Extensions (Cat/Cow Exercise)

• Deep Breathing

• Supermans

• Toe Touches

• Play Catch with a Tennis Ball (with a friend or by bouncing it off the wall)

• Juggle

The Main Idea:

Obviously, this is just a sample list. Pick anything that makes you feel good and do it! Remember that the point here is NOT to suddenly use text messages to get “fit” but instead to learn how to use frequent occurrences in your life as reminders to take action on the things you really want.

Source, Z health, thank you Dr Cobb.
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