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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The panther and the peacock.


Ego management, movement and the priceless here now.


1. So your walking feeling Santiago Chile a few days before the Gulpe, sept 11.

Suddenly near Plaza Des Armas the crowd thickens, bodies moving at a faster pace eyes darting nervously and your awareness shifts into survival mode, with instant postural neutrality and a heightened awareness of center feeling the muscles at the base of your gut tighten, you move now effortlessly from the balls of your feet as you exhale and feel that state of relaxed alertness drape over you, like the rush and roar of the rapids done... gliding now into calm cool waters, focus honed in your vision hearing and smell.

You can sense the frustration and anger in the crowd

Tension is dispelled now and you delegate only enough energy to get the job done.

You have entered the moment zone.


2. So your walking feeling good.... As you press the lock button on your remote control, turn and start walking across the Parking lot at Crunch Fitness in Blackhawk CA, where engaging humorous conversations can be had with Sully Zullenburg, Chris Mullen, Rhonnie Lott and my workout partner for many years Stu Welker.

I walk deep in thought about today's Soap Opera like event now happening in there, then I notice the flicker of sunglasses and the brush of long dark sweeping curls behind the tinted windows of the black Maserati, my posture instantly changes more upright as muscles tighten in my core, and a more youth full image of my past self flashes into my minds eye.

Still walking, but now totally aware only of self image and presenting a strong provider, someone still able to catch and kill prey.. or defend the dwelling.

Tension is now present in high abundance trying to please or accommodate someone else...totally lost out of the moment.


Both have merit and are part of our genetic makeup, the problem occurs in the over activating one at the disconnection with the other.


My suggestion is become aware in your thinking, and how certain Emotions can increase tension levels, so now get better at shedding them.


I will address that in another time.


Live long and strong.



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