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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The Startle reflex.



You are most likely here now because back in the day one of your forefathers avoided immediate threats well.


But now... Low level stress all day, from everywhere..

So the startle is also muted now to low and more subtle signs, like flushing skin, rapid eye movements, blinking, facial tightness and more.

Let me go back to a day, 20.000 or so years ago or 700 generations, late summer, you are walking, feeling the soft breeze as it stirs the blades of the tall grasses against your legs. You catch a glimpse, a blur of movement and look behind to see a lion in a now slow moving half crouch. The hair on the back of your neck rises feeling a sudden quieziness in the pit of your stomach. You shift into a run catching a quick glimpse behind you, the lion is now moving in long strides. You pump your arms and sprint now full speed as your heart races and everything slows down, reaching the tree at full speed you jump catch the lower branches and frantically pull yourself up, small branches and twigs tug at your face but you feel nothing but the pounding of your heart and the loud snarl of the big cat just out of reach.


Higher you climb still imagining the horror below untill finally you dare to look down watching the lion circle the tree. Your breath is now comming in short shallow gasps, sweat is streaking down your face burning your eyes, then an overwhelming clarity of mind and feeling of jubilation washes over your whole body. You feel the air molecules brush your face the brilliance of the green foliage contrasted against the stark blue sky. You are ALIVE!!!!!!!


Today....slow stress all day..this accumulated tension will rob you of energy, cause bad movement, and diminish brain function.


Identify the energy robbing systems,and eliminate them, then wake the inner athlete in each one of us.


Live long and strong.



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