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Written by Karel Nunnink   


More is less.



Momentum.. Once set in motion it can save energy, or frantically spend it trying to build it up, or slow it down.


As a student of movement I've traveled trough many fitness and nutritional ideology's, some really good some not so, and the more I experience the more the appreciation of fluid tension free movement is apparent. I have now developed a sense of appreciation and  focus on maintaining strong muscular awareness to the very edges of availability.


Although hypertrophy training( body building) is important, constant motion in only a small variances of planes will lead to an equal small number of crucial neurons activated, therefore less brain plasticity. But then what's more important?When young and the hormonal push for reproduction dictates your workouts.

The need for maintaining or even gaining muscle mass is crucial in the journey through life, especially if you want to keep that movement box as large as possible for as long as possible.

So hypertrophy training is really important as long as you know the limitations and benefits it offers.


Then there are the Cross fit endorphin junkies, and what a rush that can be.. Hearing the blood roaring in your eardrums as you gasp for every fraction of oxygen to fit into those lower aviolar sacks in the lungs. Your brain is now temporarily oxygen starved, and feeling the rush of elation that hits when oxygen returns in waves of ecstasy is rewarding.


Another program emphasizes the intensity surges, probing the very heart of the lactic acid burn while moving and flowing in a fluid state, white hot coals on burning muscles that clamor for rest as knives of tension seek to rob you of outrunning that predator chasing you.

Now growth hormone surges youthful messages, sending frantic signals to the brain we need all systems functioning we still have purpose and usefulness and the ability to defend the dwelling.


The ancient Chinese form of movement T'ai chi that works in a beautiful rhythmic circular motion, with added awareness of breathing also works the very fringes of movement neurons, reactivating them and therefore opening brain Neuro Plastic abilities.

This has been done for thousands of years with fantastic results, while western Medicine looked down their respective noses at the discipline, until recently when the ability to observe the brain with high definition scanners and MRI machines actually showed how much activity was happening, in the important parts of the brain dealing with executive functions to name a few.


Yoga has similar benefits with huge activations of these neurons that help movement, called Mechanoreceptors.


There are hundreds of training variations, like super slow training, Occlusion training, Contrast loading, power lifting, Body building and on and on.


All I do is go back to what activities or sports I participate in and work on creating better movement in those areas which usually open up more pathways to better and less restricted movement in our regular daily activities as well.


The SAID principle.


Here the connection between better movement and better brain becomes apparent when you realize that when your movement template is small your options diminish as far as escaping a threatening situation, your brain is constantly scanning to recognize patterns so we can be safe, and you will look at a given scenario much different if your options are smaller, because then many more situations real or imagined could escalate into harm on yourself, rather then if you had ample movement available and know your ability to sidestep perceived harm are that much easier.


Now come the thought processes of analyzing why you should NOT be doing a certain activity because of an imagined fear, real or not.

So most of your decisions are now based on fear that increase stress and tension so now you are less able to react to change, and the movement walls close in.

There is no brain plasticity as neurons shut down in that downward spiral.


This is not the way I choose to live.

So now the path to take becomes clear with choices and decisions made out of hope not fear, keeping strong in body and mind.

There is a system and a template to follow and the rewards are invaluable... More time to play and frolic, become that kid again, when we nurture our own inner child we are better able to deal with all the stresses this world puts upon us, hopes and dreams keep coming, because we are young again at heart.


Live long and love strong.







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