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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The Muscle, Brain connection.


Muscle mass the common denominator between Centenarians, is one of the main reasons for  longevity, but now scientist realize it's not just muscle mass but more specific lower to total body muscle activation. This involves Fringe Activation Techniques.

Specific drills to create power and flexibility at the end range of a given motion.

Up into your thirties, for most of us the body responded to proper stimuli and built muscle mass.

This is also the time of reckless  injuries..which will return to haunt us later.

The huge complex of glutes and quads powering our every step, leads in exploding us forward to either escape hunt down or combat.

Today they are a necessary tool to remain compettative in the  active world of sports... where powerful efficient fluid movement will bring victory.

In other words the glutes because of their ability to dramatically move us out of threat, also rank high on the energy, hormonal and neural hierarchies.


Now move to your 50s and sixties, where all those old injuries cause us to shut down movement neurons, now the pain and threat receptors are gaining ground even tough the injury is already healed.

Our movement box is now movement no muscle needed so there goes our muscle mass.

Well this downward spiral is almost always fatal, Loss of movement loss of muscle loss of hope.


My own ability to gain back at least 25% of lost motion gave me a renewed sense of hope, a calm sense of certainty and confidence to plan many more years of adventures exploits with my wife and young daughter.


The drills are easy when the awareness is awakened to shed tension, now the pattern flows like the twirling orange of an autumn  leaf descending slowly against the angry black grey skies.

I can now guide the movement to the specific parts  affected and by manipulating and bending force, reactivate lost neurons and remodel.... Your movement box is expanded.


Now your ability to escape is drastically better, more options available in that pattern recognition part of the brain, the part that has to do with immediate survival, and I'm talking a very large important part of your brain.

More neural networks form and you gain brain plasticity...

That's right an awakening occurs as ideas now flow like the rush of a backwoods stream after a summer squall.

Your smarter making better rational choices for yourself and our environment.



We are not... Making choices out of fear and stress creating excessive tension decreasing blood flow, so we cannot accurately asess where our body is in space, and therefore the Startle reflex is now over activated creating more tension and a type of guarding where the large bony parts try to protect the soft squishy parts...we revert back into the Fetal position.


That is not where I plan to go.

At least not right away.. Far away, far far away. ( Shrek and I have something in common).



Become a subscriber on my YouTube channel on the website, and I will break it down in some new clips I'll add, in the near future.


Live long and strong.






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