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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The Well of life.


Once the well was deep and the water crystal clear, rising to the brim with life giving fluid. Many would come sometimes traveling for days trough the desert to drink and carry back whatever they could load on their backs.

This went on for a long time until one day someone pulled up in a large wagon with a container much bigger, pulled by mules.

Nobody gave it a thought, after all there was plenty for all and life went on as more now brought bigger and bigger wagons.


Then the rains stopped and slowly at first the water started to inch further and further down the brick laden damp surface, soon all were forced to use buckets with  long ropes on them to haul up the precious Liquid.

Finally the water receded so far down the well it was impossible to see and started turning cloudy and brackish.

There were those who now cut back and tried to warn the others of the dire consequences if they kept on wasting the precious life giving resource.

Many agreed and worked out a way to take only enough to sustain life, however there were those who still came with their gigantic wagons and demanded their fill bringing with them armed men and forcing their way to the head of the line.


Now switch the Well for the Earth, and you see the scenario we are facing today.

How will each and every one of us react when soon there will come a day when there will not be enough water or food to feed our loved ones, how will we react facing a world devoid of resources.


This is not fiction... Well except there would be other wells, but there is no other Earth!!

Fill your heart with love and empathy, so we all can keep on drinking from the well of life.


But then I'm only a humble messenger of my own opinion.




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