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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Fringe training notes.


Fringe does restore movement patterns once thought lost, to what extent depends on the individual and the dedication to do the necessary repetition of the specific movements( drills).


Option facilitator? Is that what you are? Well it's something I want to get better at,

For that, your movement box had better be wide and large, now you have more options and can shift to that other level of awareness, not being forever blocked by tension apprehension and therefor fear.

Then we are able to explore and open new pathways in the fringes, so we can now soar to a plethora of revelations in movement and ideas about the world in general.

Because we are not constantly bombarded by hypothetical scenarios threatening your very survival that mostly will never occur.


Open your mind and you will see, not all things are what they seem to be.

So learn to love and embrace a different point of view

To break the fear and finally then set us all free.


Better movement, better brain.


Live long and move strong.



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