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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The face of pain.


Walk around most gyms and often pain is related to effort, and therefore success... You know the look of a tight grimace with a full frontal dental assault.


This could not be further from the truth, Pain directly stimulates excess tension and now guards and protects us to SURVIVE..

The hard bony parts want to protect the soft squishy parts.

So now the spine and shoulders move into a more flexed position and you're hunching over, that's a lot of energy wasted which could have been used to keep the movement fluid and strong.


This applies to the golf swing as much as the giant arc where you are working to redirect force (momentum) in a giant slalom competition.



So try letting the face of pain become the face of bliss, as you return to moving in fluid tension free strong dynamic movement patterns depending on your sport of play.


It now becomes obvious who is working in constructive patterns, or destructive.


That is if your goal is to work in there (the Gym) in order to better play out here.


May the force be within you.




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