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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The signs of the times.


They are everywhere, appearing more often now then before..sometimes making it to a best seller or as a segment on a major network show, and it's all pretty bad Oceans rising, fires raging, glaciers are melting and thousands of species are dying...

Now shift to this scenario, is flowing, with millions of teens locked in a game of self embellished spear throwing opinions, do you like me.. I don't like him....fingers swiftly soaring over tiny keyboards locked in a narrowed segment of the now( present).

This is a precarious path with a disconnect to the real"now" and the mother of us all the incredible planet Earth.


Some of the largest parts of our brain are are prewired for survival... Right Now.

Your vision for example is crucial to surviving, but you staring at a cellphone will narrow your visual signaling allowing you to see a lot less of what is really going on around you, and that will present a heavy price later.


What the brain can't see ohh it can imagine, so visualize yourself in a big rig driving down I-80 by blue castle, and it starts to pour buckets, you hunch forward to try to get a better look, the windshield wipers are working furious for maybe a full second of clarity..


But your cool right? No big deal?

Sure if you want to hasten that demise associated with excessive spinal flexion and neck extension for prolonged and sometimes never ending periods... Hunchback syndrome.

You start guarding, putting up those walls.



Too much of the wrong tension repeated for too long is hard on maintaining a large movement box which translates into less options available.

More sensory information more options, more options less guarding, both in the body and the mind, so start exploring those fringes of movement and thought.



I believe that as your ability to survive decreases with age, that decrease can be slowed to a mere crawl.



I have made some thoughtless stupid choices in my past and probably took longer than many to start a journey toward ego shedding and therefore moving closer in touch with the planet, among other things.


But I was instinctively correct in always  pursuing intriguing motor patterns keeping that movement box filled large with options, allowing for greater awareness to a clear path to follow with much fewer obstacles.


So with a spring in your arms and a glide in your stride, get ready for the roller coaster ride of change we are about to partake in.


Just hold on, hold on tight to that bar across your knees, that bar that will prevent you from being cast out like a rag doll, that bar keeping us from the abyss..


That bar has many important virtue all facets keeping it strong like Empathy, Compassion, Trust... But the one truly important ability to keep and nurture is  Witt and Humor.. Laugh hard make fun and play often, ahhh you see we are back to movement again.

And that is why I started (F) fringe (A) activation (T) training. F.A.T

Classes available upon request.


Throughout the day my poor daughter has to put up with my babbling on about a variance of subjects totally alien to her, and she does.


But you see I do it because I love her and want her to have a chance to dance.

Because it's their future...


Live long and love strong.








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