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Written by Karel Nunnink   




The inability of the mind to discover greater and different movement patterns is directly related to holding on to a variance of tensions, once released we can then discover a plethora of significant movement patterns, working in tiny gliding increments of varying planes before going to full circles, and now realizing how much extra energy has been wasted.

Learning where precisely to hold on and when to let go..


This deepens inner awareness.

Now you learn to separate the activation of major movers (muscles) your present weight workout, to the activation of the mechani -receptors (neurons) neural reeducation.


On one hand you are trying to get to end range but there is resistance working against you, as opposed to the resistance gently pulling you to the end range and  then you remodeling along those fringe lines, turning on movement receptors while deactivation pain and threat receptors.

My goal was to see if working the major movers in certain patterns aimed at building tissue, and then immediately following with the assist from some very light tubing or banding, searching  and exploring the end range, made a difference, and to that I shout YES!!

I have done this now for a year, and the results are amazing, this system works.

It just keeps on expanding into different options, more options better chance for survival, now there is less constant guarding and so different possibilities present themselves.

Help me remove those blocks of pain and fears

That have accumulated throughout the years

And keep sucking down those beers...

Hey it rhymes.

Live long and love strong.





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