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Written by Karel Nunnink   

What if..


What if we all lived within our means, instead of our wants

What if we ignored all the excessive marketing taunts

And strived to reach  with a hand held out,

To those too beaten by the push for success

by excess.

Now coming to realize that less

Is actually much more

Finally shedding that heavy burden of stress

and dance free now on that sandy shore.


What if..now we shared all and not be too proud

To listen to our true heart shout

And give without hesitation

Free of all reciprocation

Now to make that final proclamation

What if...

We were finally free to make up our own mind

And discovered  all the treasures the Earth left for us to find

Now bonding and discovering that common tie

Traveling further away from the insidious corporate lie.


What if...


A poem by Karel N.



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