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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Holy Sheeee...T


I looked and didn't see it, eyes locked on the car coming my way a quick edge to the left and I'm on the curb and gliding with good speed on my speed blades, I looked up again and my jaw dropped.

First let me tell you I've been a bit concerned and some would say preoccupied with  looking up a lot lately.

I'm pretty sure that many of the cloud formations we've seen here all over Northern Cal were not naturally formed.

But you know when they say ignorance is bliss, they're right it's a lot easier to forget about it,

what can you do anyway??

Ever asked yourself that question??

I do... yea.


So I've kind of let it go, and decided I wanted to get my cardio surges in with a good cross-blading session.

I love the ability to gather good speed and play with force, going faster then when I was a running addict in my late twenties.

And so it happened near the top of this hill, my 5th surge blood thundering in my ears, basking in the fast dissipating burn of lactic acid muscles screaming yet my face remaining somewhat calm.

I saw it.. The Cross in the Sky.. Incredible right over Mt Diablo, just floating there peaceful like.

I heard music in my headphones but wasn't really listening when something in the back of my mind flicked on now from the recognition of Pandora playing the second bar of John Lennon's Imagine...can you imagine?? I'm looking up at a sign from the Almighty in the sky and John is telling me there is no heaven.

I was in a momentary state of confusion.

Or was this a delusion?

A coincidence?.... No I don't think so.

I still couldn't believe it and stopped by a curb and started fumbling for my IPhone I had to get a picture of this.

Then I just stopped and stared, my eyesight became disconnected and the thought hit me with the force of a big pillow... Yes a really big pillow, you know feathers flying every where.

I knew then that Jesus or some consciousness greater than us all had sent me a sign telling me John Lennon was right... LOVE is the Answer.


But really let me ask you, are those clouds for real or Chem-Trails?


Just asking


Live long, love strong




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