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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The origin of fluiduism.



The deeper one emerges himself in the hear now, the greater the awareness of  unescesary tension.

The ability to put oneself in a neutral place devoid of the stressors of emotional hang ups, lets you now focus totally on efficient fluid motion absorbing redirecting and playing with an array of forces, and therefore the ego is no longer in charge, you are adjusting to the constant stream of change that constitute movement.


Breathe deep, notice how certain thought patterns about interacting with the outside environment create muscle tension, and how other thought patterns dealing with and regaining balance and neutrality, feel tension free.

The awareness of how force travels through the spinal column and visualizing all the small components of the vertebral sections and their movements under a variance of loads, is a large task that requires real focus and attention.

Now we are free to explore different pathways of motion to discover blockages and slowly remove and rebuild tissues.

This freeing of tension in the muscular system is directly correlated to the freeing of tension in the brain so to speak, so now ideas and projects take on an entirely new viewpoint as clarity in choices become real.

The ability to question decisions of past and present choices are clear now and shows how much of an emotional handicap we were dealing with in the first place.


Regaining lost planes of motion by re educating the nervous system leads to a more powerful and flexible you, therefore much better equipped at surviving any threat, real or imagined this leads to less guarding of the Startle reflex.

Now the mind is free to explore new ideas and be more open to different points of view, without feeling threatened... Not ruled by fear, but by an uncanny ability to tie  ideas together in strings so the end result is clear and irrefutably correct.


So find avenues to bring you into the riches of the eternal here now, paying  attention to the breath is a powerful method, starting with specific breath exercises, read my article the vagus nerve, to help increase blood flow and start to notice tension pockets, then move out from there once breathing and neutral spine are in sinc.


This is also exactly why the face of pain is so destructive to good high end movement stragedies.


Become a master of reopening doors thought closed forever and discover new horizons of adventure and play.


These avenues are open to all, the question is how many will step forward to embrace a future bright with hope and self discovery.


But if you have chosen misery as your master, any thought of hope can be a scary proposition, especially if this now also brings with it responsibility in actions, since it's so much easier  to feign incompetence as you let others lead your thought processes and therefore control your very existence by being totally unaccountable for your actions, you know individuals like that... The poor me syndrome where attention gathering sooner or later becomes your only option.


Wanting to move out of your comfort zone is a big and important step in the journey to more self awareness.


So move with me as we travel on a journey toward opening up new doorways and ever believing the agonastatic power of our magical feelings.



Live long and love strong.






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