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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The eyes have it.


Just because you can see clearly afar doesn't mean your eyes are in top survival shape, and wearing glasses for close up magnification can lead to loss of peripheral  abilities.

The muscles around your eyes have the ability to make micro adjustments instantly, adjustments so small that if you tried to do that with your fingers you'd fail miserably.

You see your eyes make thousands of minute contraction adjustments adapting to a variance of depth and width variations. Specific  eye drills increase power by increasing our chances of survival, it's that simple really.... But the eye drills aren't.

Your brain is about 55% dependent on your vision for signaling vital messages, the rest are your vestibular( balance) and then lastly the ones we all work on the most, our muscles bones connective tissues and their corresponding messaging systems to the brain.

If anyone of these systems are out of tune performance declines as tension levels rise robbing us of flowing fluid motion, kind of like when you suddenly enter a dark room... well most of us wouldn't enter at full tilt, no we slow it way down or maybe even stop. That is exactly what happens in the hyper competitive world of athletics, now minute hesitations occur at the edges of our range of motion and we lose..

or in a survival scenario where we now turn from predator to prey.

Science is now showing us exactly how important these kind of drills are allowing for faster reaction times and sometimes freeing us from the restricting world of glasses and contacts.

I have experienced this personally recently with amazing results, as has my 14 year old daughter Sarah in her back handsprings for cheer competitions.

Neural reeducation drills have fantastic results.


I will continue to post insights as I continue my journey into neural biomechanics and the power to keep moving fluidly.


Thanks to the folks at Z health and Dr Eric Cobb.

Live long and love strong.





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