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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Planetary... Plasticity



We hear these words tossed around everywhere... Brain plasticity and of course that is a good thing, considering not to long ago we were all told plasticity of the brain stops after age 35 or so and from there on its a steady downward decline.

Today we realize brain plasticity never stops, we are on the forefront of new astonishing discoveries about the power of the human brain to help unleash better pain free movement which now frees the brain from so much guarding and allows exploration in thinking processes previously locked up in a form of tension.

Since 1995 we have discovered more about the brain then in the entire span of human history before that.

Here's were it gets important. Plasticity can be a good thing, or a bad thing depending on your movement patterns habits and lifestyle choices.

I am now progressing and learning a system where we can find your individual signal faulting by testing and assessing certain movement drills to see where the startle or orthokinetic reflexes are hiding, then the real work begins.

And we are just on the forefront or the beginning, the important part is the quality and specificity of each drill.

Many Americans are facing an uphill battle with traditional over marketed health or fitness systems, those younger may adapt well and flourish but with age these options start declining as years of unbalanced over stimulated movement patterns start to shrink your range of motion, because of pain and therefore stiffness in the joints.


Now shift this whole process over and imagine the planet as an intelligent living organism that it is, and ask... How are we impacting that planetary plasticity?

Are we doing things that actually help and free planetary systems to work in concert together, or not.... In an ever increasing cycle of over consumption and waste,

Is corporate leadership pointing us in the right direction?

Some are and some not so, you need to be strong and smart to survive that's true but not to the point where huge imbalances are created by a few powerful groups to only benefit a few select individuals.

So plasticity can be negatively reinforced, time is running out on us as our planets options and therefore most of ours, (unless your planning on moving to Mars),decrease at an alarming rate

Shit or get off the pot I say.

But then who am I to judge.. First I will have to walk a mile in their shoes... Right?

Yes but than I'll be a mile away from them and I will have their shoes.


Live long and love strong.






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