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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Maximize your energy.


I often get asked, how can I get more energy?


This is not an easy task to decipher, considering the multitude of stressors and hormonal fluctuations along with movement restrictions that rob you of your once abundant energy.

Let me state that I can only answer with the knowledge I've gathered over the last 6+ decades.

It all starts with the brain and the corresponding nervous system, most of us aren't even close to seeing our full potential here, especially as we advance in age and now signaling to the brain is decreased with lack of neural innervation.

I do not believe stimulants are the answer as they can lead to severe adrenal fatigue followed by various states of depression, their popularity is scary to me knowing the price extracted in the long run.

The most important functions of the brain are wired for one thing, SURVIVAL... and I'm talking short term survival.

There are three systems that send optimum signaling to the brain so the brain has a better ability to predict scenarios( pattern recognition).

These three systems have their own neural hierarchy, first is vision at 45% of all signaling to the brain, second vestibular (balance) which constitutes 35% of signaling, and last proprioceptive( muscles and bones) at an amazing 20%.

Having all systems working at full capacity equals 100 % but very few achieve this in today's high stress environment.

Most health professionals, (Trainers, Coaches, Physical Therapists,Chiropractors, etc) are and have been stuck in the proprioceptive arena, so even if you are perfect there, the most you can expect is a full 20%.

Loss in signaling in any of these areas leads to energy now going to reflexes like the atherokenetic reflex, the startle reflex and others where the brain unable to predict accurately assumes a worst case scenario and guards the body, creating a mass of tension in contracting muscles to pull the body into a flexed position trying to protect vital organs with hard bony tissues... You are now moving slowly back into the fetal position, robbing you of vital energy.

So if you want more energy flowing steadily, rather than in short bursts with equal low cycles, increase signaling to the brain, this can be done through a variance of specific drills designed for each system.

I would start with the question, what imposes the biggest load on your body on a daily basses?

Gravity... And where does this weight( gravity) meet the ground?

Your ankles specifically the small bones that make up the arch of your foot, these small bones are subjected to over a million pounds of force on a daily basses, jamming these joints now creating muscle weakness and excess tension not just in your feet, but throughout your whole body.

Now we experience a loss in strength, power and range of motion, I experienced this myself for many years without knowing why.

Ask yourself this question, did you instinctively feel something was holding you back, but no one could figure it out and tell you what it was?


I will soon be posting  a series of videos on how to unblock yourself, therefore reaching closer to your true full potential, by maximizing our signaling trough these three systems.


If you are seeking immediate results to increase your movement and potential energy results, seek out your nearest Z health Professional.


Live long and love strong.







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