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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The dark and light of it


These ideas concepts and images came at me with the speed of a well thrown javelin.


Jammed joints create muscle weakness,( the athro- kinetic reflex).


Ok what causes most jamming to occur in the joint?

How about Gravity??

Yea every time you take a step 1and 1/2 times your weight is transferred from the ground up trough our feet. Gathering up to over I million pounds of force on a daily basses


SAID... The principle that states you only get good at what you specifically practice, you see practice doesn't make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect movement.

And there in lies the ability to guide momentum, explosively starting with a burst of furious intensity immediately followed by relaxation and precise guidance of that force. That commitment of letting go can blur at the speed of a venomous Cobra and so now we adapt better to change, having shed unnecessary tension saving precious energy, only working hard enough to accomplish the fluid dance.


Bones and tissues only remodel along lines of force load and stress.

Wolff's law

Davis' law.


Neurons function on the use it or lose it principle, they must be stimulated to stay active.


We must explore and follow the movement to the very fringes, there the battles will rage between old nociceptors (inhibitory) that communicate pain and threat to the brain and therefore aggravate tension, and the ones (excitatory) that turn on movement receptors and accurately transmit information to the brain about the angle of force, the speed of force and the force of shear.

Allowing you to now know exactly where you are in space, eliminating the most minute hesitations, by shedding tensions.



Now grasp these visions and concepts and play with them creating your own unique methods of fluid preparation to do battle in your particular sports arena, or life in general.


The constant seeking and mastering of 4cebending requires a lifetime of exploration.


Live long and love strong



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