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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Of Food and Fear.


Most experts now agree, weight loss is a hormonal event predicated on the hormone insulin. Control blood sugar control weight gain, this holds true for the majority of people, unless medicated for a specific reason.

The food manufacturing sector I believe have for years been attempting to make food last longer, look better, enhance flavoring, so to better market their products. It is not until recently that scientist discovered how addictive these products can be, that opened a whole new door to get us addicted trough high fructose corn syrup, and MSG to name a few examples. The system is highly profitable raking in Billions of dollars for a few select corporations.

Cause and effect.. The effect? Well look  around you the statistics are alarming, with future generations paying an even heftier price.


Now a few Brain and Nervous system based scientist are leading the way toward exploring exciting new possibilities toward reeducating our brains.

Most of us overeat because of an emotional stressor of some kind, now our Limbic system is out of control, the Limbic system contains our Emotional and Fear processing centers it involves some of the older parts of the brain.

The NeoCortex or new brain is part of the frontal lobe, it's roughly the seize of a large screen cell phone, and has the thickness if 6 business cards.

Part of its job is to control the Limbic system, but the Neo Cortex consumes 25% more fuel then the rest of the brain, so when it gets overtaxed and fuel deprived it losses it's ability to tell the Limbic system to chill out.

You are now in Limbic Escape, and most of your decisions whether dealing with food or not are directly based on fear or the myriad of emotions associated with fear.

We can lower the threat bucket, and by doing so increase the Brains ability to predict patterns.

Better pattern recognition less threat, less threat better movement, better movement less guarding, more options to enhance survival.

The Neo Cortex is now better able to tell the Limbic system, hey chill out!!

This frees us from fear, now we can look more objectively at the choices we make, and break the cycle of addicted behavior.

We are just starting to discover the incredible potential of our brains.


Journey with me as I travel to the edge of the universe... Inside all of us.


Live long and love strong.






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