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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The trouble with trust


16,65 billion dollars, a sum that would collapse the GDP of many third world countries.

This was the fine levied against the Bank of America,

For this to occur among  all the influence peddling happening in Washington is amazing to me, the scope of deception on their part must have run deep indeed.

Bank of America, or Americas Bank, the name itself used to carry with it the trust one felt toward the financial establishment, that has now evaporated like a drop of rain hitting the hot cement, you could almost hear the soft hiss, this lack of trust also holds true for most elected officials since Large amounts of donated Corporate dollars were probably spent on getting them elected in the first place.

Is this the state of America?

We don't like each other, how can you like someone if there is no trust, trust takes hard work patience and most of all time.. And in the ever increasing world of global finance where transactions take place by the second to gain a competitive edge and therefore increase the profits, time is a slow death in this world of instant gratification, unless you plan and lay the groundwork with a vision for the future.

This is why Robin Williams passing was tragic, his humor saved and changed many lives because he genuinely made them and me laugh.

Humor disarms, humor decreases threat, no threat less guarding and a mindset with more possibilities rather than RUN....for your life!!


So we need more Comedians, George help us out man, if your up there.

Humor allows us to perceive things better so now we are able to fine tune our BS meter, then gage out as much trust or as little as needed.

Movement is another good path toward greater awareness, by increasing and reeducating  signaling pathways.

Better information, more options, less threat, better proprioception and as age creeps up on us, we can develop specific skills where levels of awareness now can increase and possibly out perform how you moved 20 or more years ago.

New studies in brain plasticity recognize the possibilities, we only have to believe in how far we can push the envelope and seize the incredible potential awaiting in each one of us.

So we may lack the brute force of our hormone raged youth, but we now are much more aware of efficient energy usage and distribution from the brain along the myriad of neural pathways, therefore more smoother and longer surges of available power, trough tension free paths of motion


We are  genetically and physiologically still living at a time about 100.000 years ago.

Think about what your day would be like in such an environment as opposed to today, so when survival is the brains first directive, you had better be able to move well.

But hey what do I know, I'm just a movement guy who thinks lets try to improve movement and therefore brain function and see what happens.


Live long and love strong.




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