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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Can't Sleep?

Have trouble sleeping? Exercise can help you sleep sounder, longer and feel more

awake during the day. The key is the type of exercise you choose and the time

you exercise during the day.

Vigorous exercise within three hours of your bedtime can make it harder to fall

asleep. It's a common misconception that a good workout before bed helps you

feel tired. Vigorous exercise stimulates your heart, brain and muscles -- the

opposite of what you want at bedtime.

Modest morning exercise can relieve stress and improve mood. To get a more

direct sleep-promoting benefit from morning exercise, couple it with exposure to

outdoor light. Exposure to natural light in the morning, whether you're exercising

or not, can improve your sleep by reinforcing your body's sleep-wake cycle.

For a really good night's sleep, save vigorous exercise for the late afternoon or

early evening. The vigorous activity will slightly elevate your body temperature a

few hours before bedtime, allowing it to begin falling just as you're getting ready

for bed. This decrease in body temperature appears to be a trigger that helps

ease you into sleep. Yawn….


Live long and and love strong.



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