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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Believing in our brains potential.
That's the ultimate question, do you believe you can, or not?
The science is now proving everyday how incredible the power of our brain is at remodeling and creating positive change to occur at any age.
I've always thought that everyone would want to seek out their full potential and be the best they could be it seemed a no brainier to me, but apparently I was wrong.
What scares some of us the most is change, even if it means our demise is more imminent and accelerated.
Recent Neuroscientists understanding of how the brain functions and what it's primary goals are lead us back into a time.
Let's go back bout three thousand generations or so, where imminent survival was and still is the brains prime directive.
100.000 years ago life had a much different scenario than today, now that itself scares many Christian fundamentalists who do not believe in evolution.
To overcome these emotional roadblocks is not easy, especially if you have grown up believing one thing and now by increasing the brains plasticity you suddenly find yourself questioning the very ideas and beliefs that made you who you are.
Many of us simply cannot let go of past notions even if we know them to be flawed.
We cannot come to terms with the idea that all the costs, sacrifices and time invested might have led us to a path where the originators of the educational systems or beliefs studied, are now also the sole beneficiaries.
And so we plod trough our lives holding emotionally steadfast onto false ideas, thinking that once we let go we will inevitably slip into this black unknown abyss.
This is precisely why institutions like healthcare, corporate media, various religious groups and our whole political system are so well designed to manipulate our emotional state.
And so create immense wealth for a few at a terrible cost for the rest.
Look for example how we in 4 decades have already managed to decimate all animal life on the planet by more than 50%.
Increase brain signaling, increase the brains ability to predict patterns.
Now more options are available and threat levels decrease so you are less stressed, in other words your ability to survive is enhanced because your ability to move away from a threatening situation is enhanced.
Less threat, less stress and anxiety, so now the parts of our brain like executive function which is located in part of our new brain( Neo-Cortex) are free to soar over emotional barriers.
This creates whole new possibilities for higher levels of free thinking unburdened by our ancient emotional and fear processing centers, like the limbic system.
There is a roadmap to follow that can unlock, remodel and therefore create an almost limitless ability to live fuller richer longer lives.
Who wouldn't want that?
It all depends.... Do you believe?
Live long and love strong.

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