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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Pretend stress.

I've lived trough some terrible things in my life some of which actually happened.

Mark Twain.

Most of the stress that we battle with on a daily bases is imaginary, this is the way the brain insures survival.
That means most of the problems we think we will encounter never actually materialize,  so all the tension created by these negative scenarios is just robbing you of the ability to live a happier tension free life.
Dump the load of stress, lighten your spirit and clearly see that you can be free.
When the information the brain receives through neural signaling is faulty and incomplete, the brain has to now imagine a worst case scenario, PRETEND STRESS.
By increasing the ability of the brain to get better signaling (info) from its three main modalities, the eyes, the inner ear, and all your connective tissues and bones, it can now predict better what may really happen, rather than imagine some totally distorted over exaggerated version of reality.
This is done by individually testing of your signaling pathways and once I figure out where signaling is faulty or lacking, figuring out specific drills to improve efficiency.
This creates new brain plasticity, and brain plasticity happens until the day we cease to function as a living breathing person.
The potential for living a more stress free life really does begin with making you move better.
So the question is.... Are you ready to change?

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