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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Could it possibly be that the ego functions purely to decimate certain strains from the gene pool?

And then you could argue, well wouldn't that be necessary?
Scary scenario if you're a compassionately aware individual, but a great example of the duality of things.
Yin/yan, dark and light, ebb and flow, give and take, the two are always locked in an eternal struggle, so now ask yourself where is the balance  today?
Takers or givers? The answer seems obvious as problems escalate over the future of the planet and all species inhabiting the biosphere are now facing the greatest threat of extinction.
Pick a side and start battling, because what happens on the outside also happens on the inside, movement receptors versus threat and pain receptors.
Your best weapons are your eyes, your balance and last your muscles bones and stuff.
Go explore and seek out the painful tension activating threat and pain receptor neurons, and turn them off.
Now you can start to remodel and fire the movement receptors back on.
You see they cannot exist at the same place at the same time.
But remodeling takes time so to activate neural pathways, repetition of key drills is crucial.
Or not and let fear and anger rule all your actions as the pain slowly conquers your very soul and movement declines as you recede back into the fetal position.
That is the duality of us.

These are your options, which one will you chose.

Live long and love strong


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