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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Tension storm.

Lately I've been experimenting with combining several signaling pathways, like vision and proprioception at the same time with good results in pushing that circumference of my movement circle wider by increasing the effectiveness of information pathways to the brain.
And so easing up on the handbrake so to speak, our brains cannot even get close to releasing all our available power at one time, most of us are at 28 to 35 % of our max.
To give you an example, imagine your strongest chest press... Now multiply that times 66 and there is your full power, the problem being our connective tissues will most certainly rupture under such a contraction.
Some really good athletes are probably at a higher percentage through genetic abilities and training, but the more we discover about the brains abilities the more we realize how little genetics makes up for in developing and maintaining good movement patterns.
It's snowing, large white flakes appearing suddenly in your vehicles headlights then drifting lazily to the ground.
Visibility is impaired but not significantly as you keep driving and try to slow your speed down as the incline of the descent steepens. The vehicle starts to accelerate as snow now starts to accumulate in a clean white blanket.
The vehicle your driving has problems, pumping hard on the brakes with no back pressure from the pedal you realize your brakes are gone.
The only way to slow down is to pull up hard on the handbrake.
As the snowing starts to increase your visibility decreases more now in the blinding whiteout making it almost impossible to see the road.
Tires spinning as traction starts to falter and the vehicle now slides from side to side as you frantically pull on the parking brake trying to slow it down.
Suddenly snow flakes thin out and in what it seems like a matter of seconds it clears, as a full moon peaks out from behind the vanishing clouds lighting up the magnificent valley spread out below you.
The snow turns to a slight slush and soon the pavement is clear and the vehicle has a good traction once again.
You breathe  a sign of relieve letting up on the hand brake, and immediately feel the surge of power driving you forward.
You see you can see again.. Sight is the most important signaling pathway to your brain, now our options are greater and we don't have to pull on that brake as much.
All of us are different in our signaling capability, whether vision, balance or muscular, so we need to figure out which specific drills work best for us, it is highly individualized.
You can almost cut the air with scissors in the first scenario as the tension flows thick.... then it can all disappear in a deep exhale as visibility returns.
Choose which scenario you would want to spend most of your time in, and if you're like me it's not the one driven by fear and an expectation of doom.
Live long and love strong.

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