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Written by Karel Nunnink   
The Forge

To forge ahead, or not, that is a fundamental life or death Question.

Well at least it is to me because I believe there will be no forging unless there is moving.
Yeaa.. Movement is life.
So let's Forge ahead in life in work and in play, learning the fine intricacies in the art of persuasion and coercing the masses, mostly for the pleasure of self interest.
Unfortanately the plasticity(tendency), toward neural pain activation often also increases.
So now movement slows becomes erratic  and we accelerate to a system wide shutdown.
Regaining balance requires first an ability to embrace change, then the pathways to remolding yourself are almost as endless as your imagination.
The most difficult idea to get by might be that we will never be what we were and to chase that just leads to an inability to focus on now.
This is where I play with my friends(clients), as we discover how to discover deep hidden pockets of tension and releasing them to enhance the flow.
Sometimes we resist a lot, (heavier weights) but mostly not, as working on the fringes of movement has released noticeable increases in power and strength without the use of limited movement machines.
Things are happening to me and I'm simply amazed at the ability of the brain to heal itself, you just have to look for someone to safely guide you to the very edge of your universe.
Therefore communication is vital, and information needs to be instant and clear.
You have 3 main sources of information(like satellites), first your eyes of course, then balance and finally the flesh.. Bones muscles connective tissues and pretty much everything else.
The wonder lies after each workout, when suddenly you realize your perception of where you were in space has dramatically improved.
And so I seek out new movement(signaling) pathways forging ahead knowing the future  is bright with a youthful ability to maintain and play.
Hoping you will also.
Live long and love strong.


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