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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Life on the fringes, the dark and light of it.

Control, seek to devour it or completely relinquish it.
Possibly the answer lies in finding a balance in between, that is a key question and where do you stand at this critical juncture in human history.
Entering the control zone.
The thing that strikes me first is the deliberate neatness, nothing is out of place, grass cut just so high, with lawnmower patterns in perfect  squares.
Bushes trimmed in front of gigantic intricately designed structures often with large statues or water sculptures  in front.
Carved out of a hillside or perched on top with opulent views in all directions, these mansions are hidden behind large iron gates or in enclosed gated communities.
The illusion of perfection always carries with it a place where deeply hidden flaws will manifest themselves in often surprising ways.
That is the false duality for me, as if trying to connect and create a closeness with the natural environment while at the same time attempting to control it.
We are after all, organism environments you cannot separate yourself from the natural environment in an attempt to control it.
The best to hope for is guide it and nurture it, find ways to interact with and use its wisdom and intelligence to set examples in how to live survive and nourish.
There are many examples of this in our natural environment, from the incredible tensile strength of a spider web, to the master designed structure of a bee colony and how to build structures to house thousands.
But of course a white knuckle focus on control means there is now an inability to adapt to rapid change, yet ways to exploit and devour fast resources in the current system remain.
This system of gross overconsumption is not sustainable and will bring about effects that will be unpleasant and life threatening to many of us.
How large of a footprint do you surmise this evokes.
So now enter the movement zone,
The riders start trickling in about mid morning most on their bikes adapted to riding in a urban environment.
Wearing a variety of shorts and T shirts over biking jerseys and usually composed of several layers then biking shoes or for some flip flops, to adapt to the local weather patterns that fluctuate on the northern California coastal city of SanFrancisco.
The tri wheeled pedicabs are propped up on their back side to save space in the slightly cramped quarters situated at the end of one of the more obscure piers fingering into the bay from the Embarcadero section of the city.
Rotate the pedals feel the smooth freewheeling of the rear wheels associated with a soft hum of the well greased axels
Slowly lower the bike to a standing position check the battery that powers the brake lights and directionals, now check tire pressure then adjust seat hight, load up your snacks sport drinks and whatever else required to maintain high energy surges for up to 10 hours at a time, and your good to go.
From the shadow of the inner pier you emerge on to the sunny huge wide sidewalk running along the SanFrancisco Embarcadero.
Quickly you slip your glasses over your eyes to shield from the suns glittering reflection of the Bay's waters, dotted now with the small triangle white shapes of a sailboat regatta.
This is where runners and skateboarders and a variety of innovative battery or human powered gliding machines abound.
You turn onto the street into the special green and white painted bike lane as your feet now find a rhythm gliding in smooth and rapid circles.
This is the moment where you lose your mind and come to your senses.
In essence letting go of control and immersing yourself in the constant stream of change that constitutes being totally in the here now.
Now what is your footprint?
I've made my choice and celebrate going into my 7th decade next year still pedaling strong.
Live long and love strong.

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