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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The flow.

I'm of course talking blood flow, this crucial system that feeds, replenishes and removes waste products.
It's also a major form of transportation for a large number of different characters and their functions in the body.
So like a fast moving river it can rejuvenate or it can can starve tissues and nerves.
We really do have a choice, and science is now showing us more options then ever.
Take heart disease, our number one killer for example.
Eating one egg a day, appears to cut a woman's life short as quick as smoking five cigarettes a day, for 15 years.
But this blow can be somewhat softened by the fact that eating just a cup of oatmeal and the fiber in it, appears to extend a woman's life as much as 4 hours of jogging a week.
So eat lots of oatmeal and jog often if you like your omelets.
Now really go nuts, over nuts I mean.
It is also crucial to maintaining a better flow, as much as jogging 6 hours a week.
The one thing that really effects your blood flow the most and I think most are already aware of these facts, given the plethora of documentaries on animal proteins and their associated trans fats that cannot now be avoided.
Endotoxemia, long word for a condition in which the blood stream becomes awash with bacterial toxins that are present in animal products, they are not destroyed by our stomach acid or digestive enzymes.
Then appear to trigger immediate inflammation, oh and I forgot to mention cooking... even high temperatures did not kill these bacteria found in animal fats and meats.
21 thousand registered diets, And let me tell you I've researched most of them.
Not too long ago I thought, I must consume more proteins and less carbs.
Carbs are the enemy, protein burns calories upon digestion and rebuilds tissues. Now new science is really showing us how important a plant based diet is, and your protein needs are usually met without eating tons of chicken or beef.
So of I go in a slightly different direction, I have almost completely cut my intake of chicken, even though we buy the organic version.
I had thought for years chicken was the healthiest choice, but it seems I was proved wrong again, yes chickens have less trans fats, but they carry many more endotoxins.
These can cause crippling ailments and an alarming growth of tumors, lymphomas and leukemias.
Chicken can actually triple the rates of these cancers with every 50 grams of poultry consumption a day ( a quarter of a chicken breast).
No eggs either and maybe seafood twice a week.
My major sources of protein are now plant based, instead of whey.
I've already noticed much faster recovery times in muscular soreness due to my weekend escapades sometimes pulling 5/600 LB for 25+ miles on the pedicab in SanFrancisco.
You see our original Mother, (the Planet Earth), once again can save us if we just listen.
For lots more funny and insightful information, go to Nutrition Facts. Org.
Live long and strong.

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