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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Parallels of motion

As I progress along the corridors of motion
seeking for a balance of devotion
There will be a clearing of the weeds in the path of emotion
Now options are plentiful fueled by the notion
Of freedom for choosing a different option
Then comes the image on the back of a galloping stallion of thought
Flashing awareness trough the reaching fingers of fog
And consequences light the way toward a higher place that can't be bought.
So we race along in the corridors of motion
Constantly struggling with the tentacles of emotion.
Fleetingly catching glimpses of an azure blue ocean
Wondering is this all real... or some fantastic illusion
Finally then arriving at the illuminated conclusion
That the motion
Is the potion
To clear the mind of the fear
That something terrible is always near
Dance now dear
For the end is not yet here.
Live long and love strong.

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