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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Momentous occasions
Power to the pedals.
Being mindful literally means your mind is full with paying attention to all the things occurring at this instant in time.
I have come to learn how difficult it is to build momentum only to have to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision with a preoccupied or just limited aware individual,(Uber driver).
So you start again the redirecting and bending of force by using your muscular power to accelerate.
With circular velocity of the pedals comes the ability to keep momentum going with minimal effort.
Gliding now and occasionally adding short bursts to accelerate faster.
Once one is in the moment, movement is now an interplay between momentum, gravity and your brain key signalling areas of neural activation
Sometimes momentum takes center stage, and you feel in harmony with all the forces at play like centripetal force or rotational inertia and gravity.
Once this happens it activates jubilation of all the play signaling centers in the brain.
Time and space literally warp and seconds seem like an eternity.
You feel like your bursting with newfound confidence and energy, you want to shout your joy out loud and share this experience with everyone.
Everyone who is just stomping on the gas pedal... Yes there is a thrill there, but you see the difference is you haven't earned it, you haven't worked for it tirelessly so there is little appreciation for all the things required to accelerate that multiple ton vehicle
No neural plasticity is required.
The challenge lies in finding and reeducating efficient movement patterns at the very fringes of their particular sport requirements.
Life in the real world is circular and spiral, and I for one still like the real world play more than online play.
This arena where the expansion of artificial intelligence is now closing in and sometimes outperforming human brain powered intelligence, that to me is frightening.
Timing that quick surge and knowing exactly how to put that body in motion.
Once there...well you know, a body in motion likes to stay in motion.
Shift attention now to not grossly overuse available energy, concentrate on how to stroke and gently coax momentum back to a prominent position.
Focus therefore on letting go with a slow exhale.
This creates smooth circles where momentum and gravity dance the dance.
Dancing with momentum is a liberating experience, and that's exactly the reward for reeducating and exploring new or sometimes just lost neural pathways.
Momentums joy is short lived however, depending on your sport from a couple of hours to just seconds.... Gravity will inevitably always win, that's why escaping it for even small moments creates such joy and hope.
The ancient parts of the brain now realize you still have plenty of options to escape or fight better.
So when your survival abilities are increased threat levels are down and the world becomes a completely different place to deal with.
Free to roam now, with your body and your mind.
Live long and love strong.

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