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Written by Karel Nunnink   


The focus of this weeks workout?
Get better at filtering out all the noise of unnecessary motor neuron activation.
TENSION=(handbrake engaged).
I start with gentle loaded rotational swings using 15-20LB weights, feet hip-with apart and just letting the momentum of the weight guide me in a gentle circular motion.
Feeling the pressure shift on my feet as load is redistributed from one foot to the other, awareness shifts to pressuring the whole foot and maintaining good anterior posterior balance as the load will try to pull you away from neutral with an increase of rotational inertia.
Then the focus shifts... Outward as I visualize the apex of the turn and an imaginary gate passed as I look for the new line on how to approach the next gate.
Everything now flows as tension and relaxation dance the dance like two lovers entwined in a passionate embrace.
See it, decide, and instantly act...that's the beauty of the moment, there can not be any noise to steal the poise.
Slowly I accelerate the load starting with a slight pause at the outside fringe of movement and then with a quick lateral hip twist increase momentum, now the pull on your center is greater allowing for more hip angulation.
Bend forward from the waist letting the weight swing from side to side barely clearing the floor, slight bend in the knees and drop the butt to engage the quads.
One hand behind my back, eyes ahead and scanning, I'm now speed skating.
Focus has shifted outward with the eyes and I'm gliding, changing velocity, speed and body position when necessary..
Then start all over again as you switch the load to the other arm.
The moments when everything is in sink intensify, so relish with the feel of fluid motion that will for small but growing fragments of time give you a pure purpose, allowing escapes away from all the noise and stress this world puts on you.
Live long and love strong.

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