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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Plastic money.

Plastic, and I'm not talking about that synthetic stuff in the outer world, no I'm talking brain plasticity.
The ability of the brain to reeducate, remodel and create new neural networks until the very end of life.
And what drives plasticity? Your ability to react to the unexpected, your ability to predict what may happen, this takes good vision both near and far, and probably most important... Peripheral vision.
Then balance and good communication between the inner ear and your visual cortex, your brains ability to know where your body is in space is enhanced ( proprioception).
Now the handbrake is off and tension free movement is apparent, saving precious energy and recovering faster.
Sometimes this requires instant activation as reflexes are honed and a quick movement away from danger can save not only you, but someone else distracted because of total tech immersion( staring at cell phone with ear plugs on).
Sometimes it requires stillness, not moving at all, while your senses are screaming to turn and move away, like that time you're pedaling in the bike lane with little traffic as you start to hear a soft bee like buzzing noise which suddenly turns into a screaming banshee, as two motorcycle dirt bikes scream past you doing wheelies.
The hairs on your arms rise and literally feel the brush, the soft yet incredibly swift movement of air as the foot pegs of these two objects on either side of you pass  going well north of 60-70 mph.
Don't you move...
Now also comes the ability to predict more correctly where foot traffic is heavier and how to sometimes get to a further destination uncrowded by competition easier.
Energy is now used more efficiently as your focus fluctuates from internal to external and you are free to roam and chase opportunity with a greater passion and exuberance.
Now it's easier to engage with those around you and dole out some humor and wit,
Let me take you for a ride in style...of course with a big smile.. For our journey of over a mile, and for a fair fare, I'll take you there.
This all leads to making more $$$, but you see it's not your primary focus, you are plasticizing making yourself better, so now as you elevate yourself, you elevate those around you, moving from a position of self centeredness, to a position of being centered in the self.
This is a huge para-grim shift in awareness and will pay off in untold rewards for ever.
Unlike those whose sole purpose is to chase the $$$, where often the corners of trust are corroded and sooner than later will implode into loneliness and frustration.
You see you can have your cake and eat it too, just learn to integrate the plastic into the money.
Live long and love strong.

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