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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Play smart.
Finding and releasing hidden pockets of tension has reaped great rewards on my movement capacity.
When I explore to the fringes of the fray
Sometimes black and white just go away
So now I linger on so many different shades of grey
To stay
Or simply slipslide away
Making sure to never lose the ability
to Play.
Whisking away the clouds of a brand new day
As the sun sparkles throw glitters on the bay.
I wonder is it cowardice that drives me to that unknown shore
To keep moving better than before
Scared of dying now trying to escape what's in store
Or just a wonder to seek untapped treasures galore
Hidden in the corners of the mind behind that rusty old door.
This is what drives me to open untapped resources cause I know there's more
More... Yet to explore.

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