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Written by Karel Nunnink   

In a heart beat

One second or one day
Life flows so we can play
Or we can feel our vigor slip away
And as rivers run dry
We feel listless and want to cry
Dreaming of journeys past but not forgotten on some distant peak so high
Shocked at the appearance of that stranger in the mirror
Things once thought of value become not
As all our treasures sit and rot
Desperate to not fill that empty lot
Time now precious and dearer
As all the small mundane things ever taken for granted
Are further away now instead of nearer
But like some lost seeds long ago planted
Newly formed buds reach for an azure blue sky
And all our wishes can be granted
With each breath we pledge to try
Feeling joyful with each raindrop falling from the sky
So high
Aware don't fear
Because it could all disappear
In a heartbeat.

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