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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Filamental discoveries,
Dig deep the into Anatomy and you'll discover your protein motor, Miasin.
It works within muscle fibers to pull the Myofibrils into contraction( cross-bridging) shortening that particular muscle.
We are the weakest at the fringes, think about it as velcrove, a lot of overlap and the bond is almost unbreakable, but now shrink the overlap, less fibers hooking on and it's easy to pull apart.
And that's an injury waiting to happen.
In my opinion, working on the edge of movement strengthens us at our most vulnerable.
Now tension is shed, because of new mechani-receptor(movement neuron) activation.
The hand brake is off and you are stronger through all ranges of motion.
It is also the same reason your ability to discern tension throughout your body is now considerably more astute.
Why pull that handbrake on unless necessary.
So I ask you to notice your facial expressions next time there is a near total effort of muscular contraction in your workout.
Live long and love strong.

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