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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Z art of momentum projection.

In my chosen sport of Alpine skiing/ ski racing, this is a really big deal.
Do you as a transducer efficiently absorb then redirect several key forces and accelerate your momentum and therefore speed, or lose focus/ confidence and scrub speed... (startle reflex).
Think about yourself as a force bender( Jedi knight)???? coming out of one turn and now transitioning...dropping center, pulling legs up and under, then diagonally sideways projection sometimes uphill, of feet and skis.
The angles at this point are crucial as you strive to juggle the outward push on your center of rotational inertia, with the combined downward and forward force of gravity especially when approaching the fall line as your upper body remains quiet while visually roaming ahead for that new clean line.
Now the forces at play reach an apex and you feel the pressure of the sideways with the downward and find an angle of center, legs, ankles and edge angle, to adsorb redirect and deflect momentum of your center forward.
This is no easy task, as changes in terrain and snow constantly require instant micro adjustments, there cannot be a smidgen of doubt while this is happening at speeds reaching 60+ miles an hour, hurtling forward always nursing momentum for a little more speed.
Don't be fooled by thinking extra effort alone is needed, sometimes a change in focus is far more effective.
The feeling of creating such clean arcs are jubilatingly awesome, everything makes sense as you juggle force creating an elemental expression of your very being, no manipulation plotting or planning just flowing in a clean river of energy.
I am somehow more aware of these forces and their potentials and pitfalls than ever before, at age 70.
Keep dancing and live with vigor.

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