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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Truth in motion
Your physical being, what an incredibly efficient combination of systems working as one.
To survive.
Balance is reached when these systems all work in unison and on their own level of priority.
I'm often torn by those disguising irrational opinions as truth.
But then I gaze inside myself and imagine one bundle of muscle fibers, weakest at the longest, and strongest at the shortest.
Age, injury, inactivity and others will start to effect your weakest first shortening your range of motion and effecting fast twitch fibers.
Your movement box is closing in on you.
The incredible Machine that is you is loosing efficiency.
Now transport yourself out of that inner universe and in to this one where the planet is the cell, working within a universe of other cells to coordinate and express awareness, are we some intricate part of a gigantic stellar entity?
What ever happens on the inside also happens on the outside,
That is why we must admit to the weakest before we can commit to the strongest.
The truth is in the motion
Live long and love strong.

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