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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Glide to pedal.
I grew up in the jungles of Sumatra where I learned to swim and, but moving to Holland introduced me to riding a bike and skating.
Now in my seventh decade the realization that the reason my knees and hips are still working well I belief has to do with my pedaling and continued gliding sessions.
Biking and even running are mostly single plane movement patterns, but when you introduce a gliding motion, suddenly multi planar movements are now also included.
This activates and reeducates neural networks on all joint surfaces, movement and therefore life is circular and spiral.
These activities are not as difficult to partake in as one might think, just a bicycle and some rollerblades are needed.
I myself like to include a old pair of ski poles when blading in my neighborhood, they aid with balance, recovery and shift more work to also include upper body muscles like lats, triceps and shoulders.
Now just propel yourself with the poles, or add some strides and imagine you are cross country skiing, than lower yourself and hold the poles in one hand while placing the other behind your back as you skate, then upon reaching a descent diagonally project and presta, giant slalom or slalom turns on the downhills keep the speed in check.
I find the combination stimulating and exhilarating.
Lifelong and love strong.

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