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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Make every workout session a journey of exploration.
The journey... a discovery of movement capacity but more important, incapacity.
Teaching ourselves to be patient move slow to move fast, and therefore see where you are not looking.
Use it or loose it, seems rather simplistic yet there are many subtle levels to navigate, for example how can you use it if you can't find it, cluttered and stored somewhere in the forgotten reaches of your mind.
Recover, rebuild and re-educate, we have the ability to do this until the day we die.
All these neural connections gather new and clearer information for our brains to see predict and then decide, relax or run.
We've all been in run mode for way too long, because after that comes anger and blind desperation, not a place where much free thinking occurs.
You see now how better movement also constructs more neural transmissions and therefore a greater ability to relax, so presto better brain function and reasoning.
We have to keep reaffirming those new neural pathways to stay strong, and so here we are again back to patience.
That's pretty much it in a nutshell, the choice is ours go find your weaknesses usually hiding on the fringes of joint range so you can keep growing stronger for longer, thus also feeding that brighter flame of hope.
Live long love strong.

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