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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Directional consequences.

Doubt... That eats away at the edges of your confidence with negative inundation, those neural pathways once strong and vibrant through lack of use now have become like an old bridge faded and cracked.
Failing confidence, doubt will lead to uncertainty and lack of total commitment due to an inability to now accurately predict split second actions.
This leads to a constant sometimes not so subtle tension moment, as our safety mechanisms are blurred and movement is hesitant and unsure.
In the world of professional athletics this can be disastrous, Use it or lose it.
But how can you use it if you are unaware of what to look for, these pockets of uncertainty are usually hidden on the edges of our movement parameters and only focused and patient probing will reveal them hidden along the fringes.
The sad part in all this is that as doubt rises so does fear, and now all your choices are based on fear.
Yes and you can guess what's next... Hatred is a close kin of fear.
And is this where we are now? Hating each other and what our neighbors values stand for.
I'm an immigrant from the Netherlands that waited 5 years to be naturalized and was brought up on values of hard work and a believe you could attain anything you wanted in America.
So this has become my passion, to subjugate fear and not let it rule our lives, to reignite the passion that comes from moving fluidly and therefore disintegrate doubt.
Rebuild, reeducate and reinforce, we can create new neural networks in the brain until we die.
Choose... Live in fear or move boldly and shatter the impossible.
Better movement better brain.
Live long love strong.

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