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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Humble pie

The importance of humility in leadership  is becoming quite a rare commodity these days.
Here’s how I gather a full dose, and I’m aware this needs to be practiced repeatedly.
So off I go to the places within my movement capacities that are weak, which make me vulnerable and now expose them by slowly remodeling trough an outward goal, by using vision balance, breath and muscular effort to reach end range of motion (fringe training).
Each one of us expresses this different yet the key is patience, you've got to move slow to reaffirm those achey tense areas.
This is where we are truly vulnerable, the truth is in the movement, no BS, and only trough slowly caressing these areas with a creative use of all our movement modalities can we push back those boundaries.
The urge to speed trough can be powerful, but only by moving slowly can we hope to re-educate and therefore regain fluid motion.
Now just repeat often enough to form permanent pathways, so we become pain free once again.
All this because we weren’t afraid, had patience and believed that we haven’t come close to attaining our full potential.
Humility led us there.
Live long
Love strong

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