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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Unfamiliar  success
When failure occurs in a particular movement drill it signals weakness and uncertainty for that split second, you feel it in the flickering of eyes and sudden balance loss.
This wants you to speed trough and let momentum carry you back to familiar motor pathways, when in fact the opposite is needed.
Slow down retrace to the weak area and hang out there reaffirming and rewiring new neural pathways
Now be patient, become familiar with the unfamiliar and notice how tension is released to allow for more fluid movement trough all modalities and sport activities.
Discovery of failures places got us there.
I would call that success.
How many times have you heard from a myriad of motivational speakers, success only comes trough failure.
The question is how many of us will actually be ready to admit to and then explore our weakest
These are choices that need to be made when loss of functional movements start to occur.
The truth is in the movement.
Live long love strong

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