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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Step into the now.

This is how I do it, and the most difficult part lies in the conviction of value.

Do I really have to do this? You ask yourself.

So let’s talk Value, since time is our most valuable commodity doesn’t it make sense to raise the productivity of that time spent in any given project or goal?

If you are a goal oriented individual you will undoubtedly be scouring the future for possible scenarios good and bad.

But since the brain is wired to look for worst case scenarios this is where we often find ourselves thinking in possible futures.

That then leads the brain to rewire neural networks toward those goals often more dark than light.

Plasticity can be driven toward either end.

How I stay on a more clear and positive path is directly related to my time where I stepped into the now trough movement.

Surges for example, I have a spin bike and use it frequently to do surges off the seat.

The focus has to change as challenge rises and lactic acid accumulates now efficiency becomes crucial, so attention is diverted to just one task avoid as much discomfort (pain).

Find ways to use any force available to aid in keeping movement fluid, this constant adaptation and adjusting force angles, center of mass and momentum, creates a harmony of creative energy revitalizing confidence to face any situation. you now have stepped into the now, suddenly you realize the negative outcomes are now much less scary and easier to overcome.

I do these surges a couple of times a week.

Among a host of signaling drills using all 3 modalities, Vision, balance and muscles and bones.

To be able to rewire the brain with a less critical and judgmental viewpoint is most definitely worth its weight in gold for me.

You need to step into the now to see a clearer future.

Live long, love strong Karel.



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