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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Fueled by need or fueled by greed.

If you watch the news any day and get sickened by the violence repeated over and over, you are not alone.

Usually perpetrated by minority groups or impoverished poorly educated people who are desperate and are trying to survive by any means possible.

Make no mistake these crimes can be horrific and involve individuals or small groups.

We see these criminals over and over again on television or other media outlets, so they are very visible to us therefor also easy to lash out at and blame.

Now shift your focus on a different incredibly complex crime scene, hidden behind enormous wealth and power, behind layers of legalities.

Most are protected under corporate veils, with lobbyists spending millions to skewer legislation to further their aim.

Their goals are to increase their power and wealth by any measure available.

These individuals or groups do not care one bit about the average working class family or their daily struggles.

For example take the last scandal with Wells Fargo, they settled on an amount in access of 150 million dollars.

Not only are we quietly robbed of our hard earned income, they also have ways of hiring special tax accountants to not only avoid paying taxes but also get refunds.

So yes it’s easy to blame the few minorities and lash out at them, these crimes are visible and repeatedly shown to increase the dramatics, which pump up ratings and feed the advertisers.

This is why the 1% of the wealthiest people control over 90% of the wealth in this country and are accumulating more at a record pace, more than anytime in the last 50 years. All this while the once vibrant middle class is struggling to make ends meet.

You want to make America great again?

Well I can tell you it will not happen if we keep allowing these invisible criminals to go unnoticed or unpunished.


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