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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Genes that control our bodies haven’t changed a fraction of one percent in more than 30 thousand years. After age 40 your brain shifts your body into a catabolic tailspin because it is simply doing what it was programmed to do thousands of years ago.

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DNA Strand

That is to shut down your system unless you remain active. Think about that the next time you’re sitting on the couch watching TV while munching on some high fat, artery-clogging snack. The biochemical readout on your heart rate, metabolism and respiration go into a downhill spiral.

Technology has outstripped our biology. Consequently, we experience a life expectancy of only 76.7 years when we are capable of lasting well into our eighties, nineties or longer. What’s more, we suffer a host of illnesses that can be entirely preventable.

For many, fitness isn’t an option instead, they believe that unwanted fat will simply melt away by taking a pill. These notions are absurd. It’s simple. Get up and move! Walk, bike, run, swim or play. It will improve your health and help you break the power of addiction. Only you can make that choice. Are you ready to choose life?

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