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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Eat like a caveman to lose weight, build muscle and feel great.

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Advocates of the Paleo diet say this is the key to healthy living. The Paleolithic or Paleo diet consists only of food choices that include free range meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and mushrooms. The key to the Paleo diet is to avoid all refined sugars, grains, dairy products, beans, legumes and anything processed. Though challenging, advocates say sticking to the Paleo diet fits the human genetic makeup better than most modern diets because it represents foods that our ancestors ate and thrived on. Think about it; there certainly weren't any twinkie trees around way back when. Today sweets and treats are everywhere. So, of the three micronutrients; proteins, carbohydrates and fats -- the least abundant back then was carbohydrates. When the least abundant becomes the most abundant – as is the case with carbohydrates -- the message to your body is to store body fat! You can break the cycle and lose weight by avoiding refined and processed foods. All you need to do is eat like a caveman.


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