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Written by Karel Nunnink   
Thursday, 04 November 2010 22:10

Stay A Kid.

Maintaining and nurturing that inner child within all of us, is vitally important to how each one of us views the world around us.

Most kids have this eternal well of energy hope and the ability to adapt and bounce back with a positive outlook.

They also know what they love to do, and express themselves in a creative and positive manner, before we all try to change them.

The late Steven Jobs realized that play and creativity stem from the same source, when you are at play you are in the moment, this releases the brain from the onslaught of constant barraging random thought patterns and now has the ability to solve problems instantly and intuitively with out effort.

I've had moments where time literally slowed down and ice crystals and snow flakes presented themselves to me in intricate details, as I flew at them at seventy plus miles an hour, racing down a downhill course on skis.

Or having a problem situation and not being able to figure out a solution, until 3 miles into a challenging mountain bike ride, when out of nowhere the solution would magically pop into my head.

All this happens because we are keeping that little child within us alive, now we can withstand all the stresses this world puts on us because we are young again at heart.

So go out play and frolic and nurture that inner child, you might be surprised at how you will find greater balance and learn to let go of negative emotions, therefore looking  at the world in a whole new way.



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